Over 75% of new website visitors are usually referred by search engines. Hence, search engine optimization (SEO) must be an opening factor of Internet marketing strategy of any company or business. Never underestimate the significance of SEO for your site as it provides the opportunity to have better rankings with higher traffic.

Take a look at major SEO facts.

  • SEO is a long ongoing process.
  • Online visitors make regular use of search engines to find the information’s about products and services.
  • Online Users think that those websites, which are coming on the top page of a search engine, are the most reliable and credible.
  • Over 80% of users use search engines to find a website.
  • About 22 to 25% of online users go for the second page of search engines.
  • More than 80% of users click on the site that comes on the top page of search engines.
  • Over 45% of users often change their keyword if they are not able to get what they are searching for on the first page of search engines.
  • Keywords don’t always stay within the top 10 forever.
  • Search rankings can fluctuate at times.
  • Black-Hat SEO techniques can help to get some quick results, but your website will be blacklisted by the Search Engines after some time. Hence, don’t engage in such activities.
  • Websites without SEO will not rank in search engines.
  • Over 75% of users do not search via search engines after the 3 or 4 results page.
  • Top ranking websites make more profit.
  • Quality content if the key to SEO success.
  • Online users have the tendency to modify their keyword searches, instead of search other pages in a search engine.
  • 100% of users change their keyword search if their first search is failed.
  • More than 60% of online buyers buy products from websites, which found through search engines.
Search Engine optimization helps to provide your company’s site better exposure, top page rankings, increased web traffic, draw quality traffic and many more other benefits. It lets online users know about your presence over the Internet, which is really vital for business success. If your site is not on the first page of search engine, then avail our SEO packages, which are available at affordable prices. Our ultimate goal is to attract more and more people to your website, which will boost the chances of making sales as well as maximizing profits.