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Research & Analysis

BCC Research is a distinguished research company that specializes in creating insightful blogs, news articles, and reports on the latest national and international affairs.

Their online platform serves as a social hub for news and debate enthusiasts, offering a unique space for users to engage in discussions surrounding published news.

With a focus on fostering a community of informed individuals, BCC Research allows users to create and participate in topic-specific communities, encouraging dialogue and knowledge-sharing.



AcmaSoft, a leading web development and design agency, came forward to create a highly effective website that aligned with BCC Research’s unique business needs, targeted audience, and goals.

AcmaSoft initiated the project with a comprehensive discovery phase to understand BCC Research’s core business values, objectives, and market positioning.

In close collaboration with the client, AcmaSoft identified the key business needs.



Creating a dynamic and feature-rich online platform for news and debate enthusiasts presented a significant challenge for BCC Research. The scope of the project encompassed several intricate functionalities, including:

  • News Post Integration
  • Automated News Organization
  • Topic-based News Separation
  • Community Creation


After in-depth discussions with BCC Research, our team proposed and successfully implemented multiple functionalities to streamline operations and enhance user experiences:

  • Seamless Data Fetching
  • User-Friendly Access
  • Personalized Feeds
  • Interactive Community Building


The collaboration between AcmaSoft and BCC Research resulted in a responsive, fully-functional news portal that delivers personalized news content to users based on their interests and regional preferences. Key achievements include:

1. Empowering BCC Research with an efficient admin account for seamless management of users, posts, and organizations.

2. Facilitating nth-level commenting, allowing in-depth discussions on articles and topics.

3. Establishing a user-friendly platform with personalized accounts, enabling users to track their comments, posts, and community engagements.

4. Empowering users to invite friends and colleagues to join and contribute to communities, promoting a sense of community and collaboration.

Overall, AcmaSoft’s expertise in Web designing, React Development, and UI/UX Designing transformed BCC Research’s online presence, creating a thriving digital space for news enthusiasts and sparking insightful debates on pressing global issues.


Technologies Used

Explore this refined website, carefully crafted with HTML, CSS, WordPress, jQuery & AJAX, MySQL, PHP, and WooCommerce for a seamless and secure online experience on various devices.

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    jQuery & Ajax

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