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Developing brand collateral for business impact

Brand collateral, which includes everything from packaging and print to business cards and t-shirts, is all about getting your brand seen and cementing the link between company and client. Putting genuinely memorable collateral in the hands of your customers necessitates exceptional design, not to mention branding worth flaunting in the first place.

As a full-service branding and marketing agency, We understands that there’s a lot more to developing effective brand material than slapping a logo on a product. Our designers add to your marketing toolset with inventive, eye-catching designs that are applied to the appropriate products in the right way.

Follow These Steps To Create Outstanding Brand Materials


Initial Reach-Out

Begin by contacting us via your preferred method of communication, whether email or phone. Share your interest in our Brand Collateral services and provide us with some information about your brand and design needs.


Creative Consultation

Set up a creative consultation so we can delve into the heart of your brand. Discuss your target audience, communication objectives, and any design preferences you have for your brand collateral.


Customized Proposal

Following the consultation, we will create a customized proposal outlining the scope of our Brand Collateral services. This will include collateral types, design concepts, proposed timelines, and associated costs. Our agreement is formalized with your acceptance of this proposal.


Alignment of Contracts

Examine the contract terms outlined in the proposal carefully. Sign the contract and return it to us once you are satisfied. This step ensures transparency and mutual understanding, laying the groundwork for a fruitful collaboration.


Project Launch

Begin the project by holding a kick-off meeting. Introduce key team members, go over the project timeline, and go over any outstanding questions or specific details that are critical to the Brand Collateral initiative's success.


Creative Brief Sharing

Share a detailed creative brief that includes details about your brand, visual identity, and any specific design elements you want incorporated into the collateral. This serves as a compass for our design team.


Concept Development

Our design team will create initial design concepts for the agreed-upon collateral, demonstrating creativity and brand identity alignment. Business cards, brochures, banners, and other materials specified in the project scope may be included.


Exchange of Feedback

Present the preliminary design concepts for your approval. Participate in a collaborative feedback session to share your thoughts and preferences. This iterative process is important to us because it ensures that the collateral perfectly encapsulates your brand vision.


Iterations of refinement

Make changes based on your feedback. We'll collaborate closely with you to refine the design until it meets your expectations while remaining consistent with your brand identity.


Moment of Final Approval

For your approval, present the final versions of the brand collateral. Ensure that every detail adheres to your specifications, giving you confidence that the materials are ready to effectively represent your brand.


Excellence in Production

Oversee the production and printing of approved brand collateral, if applicable. We ensure that the materials meet the highest quality standards and are delivered on time.


Delivery or Distribution Assistance

Depending on the nature of the materials and your specific needs, coordinate the delivery of the finalized brand collateral to your door or assist in the distribution process.


Post-Project Assistance

Extend post-project assistance to address any additional requirements or questions you may have. Whether it's providing source files, providing printing advice, or making final adjustments, we remain committed to your satisfaction.

What a brand collateral partner must provide

While design skill is crucial, only a partner that combines the art of design with marketing science can truly impact your business. Here are some things to watch for:

A holistic view - Great designers pay attention to the smallest design aspects while still keeping the big picture in mind when it comes to the importance of collateral in establishing your brand.

A tactical mindset - Great partners think strategically, developing designs that people can relate to, customers feel empowered by, and that perfectly express the soul of a business.

A wealth of experience - A strong design partner has expertise working with both large and small brands across numerous industries.A strong design partner has expertise working with both large and small brands across numerous industries.

Impactful Brand Collateral Creation

Improve your brand presence across channels with our visually striking and cohesive brand collateral materials.

Develop Strong Branding Materials

Our brand collateral expertise

We've spent ample time developing our design process and capabilities and earning multiple honors along the way.

  • Product Packaging

    Creating interest for your products

    Customers are accustomed to viewing dozens, if not hundreds, of products on a daily basis. Our designers are masters in creating packages that stand out on the shelf – and online – by visually communicating the quality and attention you put into each product, as well as adding the unique creative touches that set your brand apart from the crowd.

  • Business Cards

    Making a first impression count

    When it counts, great business cards make your organisation stand out. Our designers apply your logo and identity to outstanding creative designs in your selected format and finish to ensure that every face-to-face interaction has an impact.

  • Signage + Booths

    Keeping your brand in the minds of your customers

    Whether it’s an office, a storefront, or a trade show booth, your physical locations should stand out with eye-catching branding. Our designers use BFM’s marketing knowledge to develop sleek, modern interior and outdoor designs that attract client attention and bring in new business, from storefront and trade show signage to banners of all sizes and formats.

  • Promotional Items

    Enhancing your swag

    Let’s face it: everyone enjoys swag. When a coffee cup, tote bag, USB stick, or t-shirt falls into the hands of the appropriate people, it creates a one-of-a-kind marketing opportunity. Our designers are experts at applying high-quality custom designs to items that your customers use on a daily basis.

  • Marketing Collateral

    Making your brand work for you

    Our designers showcase our marketing expertise by producing eye-catching designs for brochures, information sheets, sales materials, packaging, and other print collateral to engage clients and connect online and offline interactions.

  • Print + Display Ad Templates

    Replicating the ad-success formula

    Advertising provides numerous chances, but it might be difficult for firms without an in-house designer. Whether your paid media goals include print, social, or display, our designers have experience producing templates for advertising in every size, file type, and format imaginable.

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