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Matching brands with the right digital advocates

With more advertisements than ever fighting for their attention, consumers nowadays are picky about who they trust. To break through, brands need advocates who their target audiences like and trust, which is where influencers flourish.

As influencer marketing has become more popular, it’s no wonder that businesses want an influencer – or a group of influencers – on their side. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead of pursuing the most popular names with the most likes, brands should seek out and connect with people who match their brand values.

We use strategic thinking and social acumen to function as digital matchmakers, hunting out the chosen few who really represent your business. We establish better relationships to drive greater results by putting in the effort to make connections and strengthen them over time.

Procedure For Acquiring Our Influencer Marketing Services


Initial Inquiry

Contact us via our official communication channels, such as email or phone, to express your interest in our Influencer Marketing services. Give a brief overview of your brand, target audience, and campaign goals.


Consultation Session

We will schedule a consultation call to discuss your brand identity, goals, target audience, and any specific preferences or themes you have in mind for your influencer marketing campaign.


Proposal Submission

Following the consultation, we will prepare a detailed proposal outlining the scope of the influencer marketing campaign, services offered, associated costs, and timelines. Once accepted, this proposal will become a formal agreement.


Contract and Terms

Carefully read the contract and terms outlined in the proposal. If everything meets your expectations, sign the contract and send it back to us. This step ensures that the engagement is clear and mutually understood.


Terms of Payment

Follow the payment terms outlined in the contract. To begin the project, an initial payment or retainer may be required, with subsequent payments scheduled based on project milestones or a predetermined schedule.



We will begin the onboarding process once the contractual and financial aspects have been resolved. This may entail sharing necessary brand assets, debating key messaging, and establishing communication channels to ensure smooth collaboration.


Influencer Selection

Our team will work to identify and select influencers who share your brand's values, target audience, and campaign goals. We take into account audience demographics, engagement rates, and content style.


Creating a Campaign Strategy

Create a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy in collaboration. Defining campaign goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), content guidelines, and any specific calls-to-action or promotions are all part of this.


Content Development and Approval

Influencers will produce content in accordance with the agreed-upon strategy. We facilitate the content review and approval process to ensure that it adheres to your brand guidelines and meets your expectations.


Campaign Launch

Once content is approved, the influencer marketing campaign will be launched. We will closely monitor the campaign's performance, track engagement metrics, and address any unforeseen issues.


Reporting and Analysis

Regularly provide you with reports on the performance of the influencer marketing campaign. Analyze key metrics and share insights on the effectiveness of the campaign in meeting its goals.


Post-Campaign Evaluation

Conduct a thorough assessment of the overall success of the influencer marketing campaign. Collect feedback, evaluate the impact on brand awareness and engagement, and identify opportunities for improvement.

A better influencer marketing partner

Smart marketers focus on developing natural relationships with internet trendsetters, regardless of their following size. Look for companies that:

Influencer Promotion That Encourages Relationships

Establish meaningful connections with your audience through impactful partnerships, leveraging our expert influencer marketing strategies.

Collaborate with Influencers for Impact

How We Approach Influencer Marketing

We examine your company, your audience, and the industry landscape in depth, creating strong partnerships with influential people.

  • Discovery

    Starting with you

    We can’t identify someone who embodies your brand until we understand what it is. To do this, our team meets with yours to understand more about what your brand stands for, your business priorities, and what your influencer marketing needs to accomplish.

  • Audience Research

    Gauging the crowd

    Influencers are your entry point to your target audience. Who do you wish to speak with? We enhance whatever audience insights you have with in-depth research of our own to determine the people you should be talking to and the types of communications that will resonate with them.

  • Influencer List Creation

    Who’s who?

    Our team leverages our research to begin identifying influencers your brand could partner with. This is more than a followers-and-likes game – it’s a question of cultural fit. We ask: Does this person match our brand values? What does their audience look like? Are these the people we want to reach?

    We are a strong advocate of micro-influencers because they tend to have smaller, more engaged followings and more organic interactions. However, we can and do pursue bigger fish when our strategy demands it. No matter what approach we take, we keep clients in the loop and give you the last call, so you know who is advocating for your brand and what they stand for.

  • Outreach

    Making the connection

    Our team is in charge of the outreach process once promising influencers have been identified. We maintain an ongoing interaction with you and the influencer in order to facilitate a beneficial connection. We serve as an advocate and partner for your brand throughout this process, managing the engagement in a way that benefits all sides.

  • Deployment + Reporting

    Staying Results-focused

    Once a campaign is live, our team closely monitors engagement and conversion metrics, reporting them to our analytics team and using the insights they bring to improve in the future.

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