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The Value of Authenticity

Consumers nowadays are more bombarded with advertisements, jaded by marketing, and skeptical of brands than ever before. Despite this, the same consumers have catapulted so many digital firms to sudden success.

Customers nowadays are picky, but they still prefer brands that appear, speak, and act authentically. However, developing a genuine brand identity, let alone one that corresponds with your business objectives, is a challenging undertaking.

We know what it takes for digital brands to succeed. Our team, with an eye for storytelling and a passion for strategy, helps businesses stand out through art direction, engaging content, and a little soul-searching.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Securing Your Brand Identity


First Inquiry

Begin by contacting us via email or phone to express your interest in our Brand Identity services. Give a brief overview of your company and describe any specific goals or challenges you are experiencing with your current brand identity.


Meeting for Exploration

Set up a discovery meeting so that we can delve deeper into your brand. Discuss your company's mission, values, target audience, and differentiating features. This will help us understand the essence of your brand and its market positioning.


Submission of a Proposal

We will prepare a detailed proposal outlining the scope of the Brand Identity services following the discovery meeting. Key elements such as logos, color schemes, typography, and visual styles will be created or refined. The proposal will be implemented.


Contract and Terms

Review the contract and terms outlined in the proposal carefully. Once you are satisfied and everything aligns with your expectations, sign the contract and return it to us. This formalizes the agreement and ensures a clear understanding of the project scope.


Kick-off Meeting

Conduct a kick-off meeting to officially commence the Brand Identity project. Introduce key team members, establish communication channels, and discuss the project timeline and any specific preferences you have regarding the brand identity.


Creative Briefing

Provide a detailed creative brief that outlines your brand personality, values, and any specific design elements you want to incorporate into your brand identity. This will serve as a guideline for our design team.


Concept Creation

Our design team will begin by developing preliminary concepts for your brand identity. Designing potential logos, selecting color palettes, selecting typography, and defining the overall visual style are all part of this process.


Presentation of a Concept

Display the preliminary design concepts for your brand identity. This allows you to provide feedback and insights, assisting in the refinement of the brand identity direction in line with your vision.


Rounds of Refinement

Go through refinement rounds based on your feedback to iteratively improve and fine-tune the chosen design concept. This collaborative process ensures that your final brand identity effectively communicates your brand values.


Approval and finalization

Present the final brand identity for your approval once the design has been refined to your satisfaction. Check that each element is in line with your vision and effectively represents your brand.


Assets Delivery

Finalized brand identity assets, including high-resolution logo files, color codes, and typography guidelines, must be delivered. Provide any additional resources or assistance required for the new brand identity implementation.


Post-Implementation Assistance

Provide follow-up support to address any questions or concerns you may have. This includes assistance with implementing the new brand identity across multiple platforms and touchpoints.

A Quality Brand Partner

You shouldn't put your brand in the hands of just anyone. Your brand is best served by an agency that:

Story-focused - Consumers today want and expect to know what motivates your brand. Find a branding agency that understands what makes a good story and is capable of telling yours.

Always be strategic - Your branding partners should take a strategic approach, making judgements based on research, facts, and best practices rather than gut feelings.

Ready to market - Ultimately, a new brand must be promoted. When the people who create your brand have a strong understanding of marketing, you can be confident that your branding will be effective both in theory and in practice.

Defining Identity, Building Legacies

Establish a unique and lasting brand identity to create a foundation for your company's recognition and legacy.

Define Your Brand Identity

How We Help Brands in Finding Their Own Identity

Our approach to brand identification is both creative and methodical, bringing together design and content with research and experience.

  • Discovery + Research

    Meeting your brand

    We regard stakeholder interviews to be mission-critical for any branding campaign. We ask probing questions to gain knowledge of your company objectives, what your brand is now, and what it aspires to be.

    We also create the groundwork for the project by doing vital research. We pay close attention to your biggest competitors, your audience’s behavior, and industry branding trends.

  • Brand Storytelling

    Discovering the story

    The modern brand has a story to tell — a driving ideology that explains what they’re doing and why their audience should care. Using what we discovered during Discovery, our branding and content teams assist in identifying and developing the narrative behind your company, writing out your vision, goal, positioning, values, and essential promises.

  • Verbal Identity

    Finding your voice

    Our content team is ready to assist you in developing your brand’s on-page identity. We frequently assist in naming a new product or service offering, as well as the brand itself. We work together to create names that attack your brand from a variety of creative angles, narrowing the options until only one remains. We collaborate with customers to create taglines, tackling the never-ending process of distilling a value proposition into a few catchy phrases. Finally, a consistent and distinctive brand voice is an essential component of your identity. Our writing team refines your brand story into a consistent personality that pops off the page to arrive at one.

  • Visual Identity

    Prioritizing on look-and-feel

    Our design and branding teams have extensive experience defining aesthetic guidelines for digital brands in addition to generating outstanding logos. We can assist you in selecting a brand colour palette that works well together and strikes the right tone. We can design bespoke iconography, direct photography, and create other brand-defining visual aspects. And we can extend your visual identity into any medium where consistency and authenticity are important, such as websites, advertising, and even animation.

  • Implementation

    Bringing it to life

    We are ready to put our branding advice into action and easily transition into the implementation phase. Similarly, our marketing team is waiting to showcase your new brand in front of consumers.

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