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Creating eye-catching logos

Consumers see more logo design today than ever before, yet just a few stand out. Great logos encapsulate their company, convey a distinctive story, and clearly communicate ideals – they stand for something.

While most brands know what they stand for, translating their ideas into a symbol is a difficult task. And 17 years of establishing businesses has taught us that distinctive logos do not come by chance.

Our logo design approach is guided by thorough research and a strong strategy. Our team works together with customers to produce a logo design that stands out – something your audience can unite behind and proudly wear.

Navigating The Process For Our Logo Design Services


Initial Inquiry

Please contact us using your preferred method of contact. This can be done by email, a form on our website, or any other way that is designated for questions.


Project Overview

Tell us about your project! Share insights on your business, target audience, values, and any logo design ideas you have in mind. Let us know about elements, fonts, or colors you prefer.


Budget and Timeline

Discuss your project's budget and timeline. Knowing your budget helps us customize our services, and discussing timelines ensures we meet your deadlines.


Quotation and Agreement

We will provide you with a quotation based on the project requirements discussed.Once the terms have been agreed upon, we can move forward with the formal agreement,scope of work, payment terms, and other pertinent details.


Concept Development

Based on the information provided, our design team will begin the creative process by generating initial concepts for your logo design. We may present you with several options to choose from.


Feedback and Revisions

Check out the first concepts and share your thoughts. If there are tweaks or new ideas, tell us. We include revisions to make sure the final design aligns with your vision.



Once the design meets your satisfaction, we will finalize the logo design. This includes preparing the necessary files in various formats for your use (e.g., high-resolution images, vector files, etc.).


Delivery and Payment

The final logo files will be sent to you. Depending on our agreed-upon payment terms, you may be required to complete the payment at this stage.


Ownership and Usage Rights

Clarify the logo's ownership and usage rights. In most cases, you will have complete rights to use the logo for commercial purposes.



We value your feedback after the project has been completed. If you have any additional needs or adjustments, please let us know.

The Storytelling Strategy

A logo is a great storytelling tool for smart brands. Today's renowned brand symbols enjoy their celebrity because they are instantly associated with specific events, feelings, and attitudes. They don't, however, begin this way. They have earned that position in the consumer's eyes.

To create this link with an audience, your brand must first learn and listen. That approach raises important issues about the brand you are and the brand you want to be in one, five, or ten years.

Impactful brand storytelling should make ripples, but without a solid research foundation to back it up, success is purely coincidental. As a result, our logo design approach always begins with research.

Learn Design Techniques

Dive into the techniques that make our logo designs stand out. Click to gain valuable insights into effective branding.

Unique Logo Running Impact

How We Create Great Logos

The creation of a new logo is a crystalizing moment for brands. We tackle the assignment with certain goals in mind and a steady hand. Our process is founded on research, designed to be iterative, and informed by years of hands-on experience establishing brands in nearly every industry.

  • Discovery

    Obtaining your perspective

    Our process starts with the client. Open discussions regarding the condition of a brand are essential for developing a logo that reflects (or positively transforms) brand identity. Questions concerning external and internal brand perception, identity and objectives, and competitive whitespace serve as a guidepost as we move forward with research, brainstorming, and logo creation.

  • Research

    Laying our foundation

    Our logo design approach is built around research and analysis. We provide context to our early ideas by noticing trends, researching rivals, and identifying interesting target segments. This establishes a strategic framework for the rest of the project and deepens our understanding of brand identity, client vision, customer sentiment, and other factors.

  • Exploratory

    Creating an artistic foundation

    The research themes we’ve identified enable our team to collect a variety of assets for design and logo inspiration. From mood boards to competition research, this is our opportunity to assess what resonates (and does not) with brand stakeholders.

  • Design

    Crafting the heart of a brand

    Our designers and strategists work together in a collaborative approach to act on insights, inspiration, and client feedback. We transform our corpus of research into logo concepts at this stage, which is as exciting for us as it is for you.

  • Workshopping

    Developing a winning design

    Customers are never excluded from the logo design process. We approach the approval process iteratively, presenting proposals to stakeholders, getting their feedback, and revising until we’ve checked all the boxes. Your feedback drives the process from black-and-white designs through colour mockups to finalisation.

  • Implementation

    Prepared for the digital landscape

    Modern brands rely on their logos to say and do a number of things, from app icons to push alerts. Once a logo design has been approved, our team is ready to identify key use cases and create creative materials to match a variety of digital contexts, maintaining visual identity consistency across the board.

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