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The Relevance Challenge and AI Readiness

Customers respond to what is meaningful to them. Making sure they only see relevant products and content on your digital channels necessitates analytical skills and high-quality data. And if you’re investing in artificial intelligence, a model that learns from faulty data can be worse than useless.

Delivering relevant – and ultimately intelligent – experiences necessitates an unwavering focus on data quality. However, data curation is often not someone’s job.

As a result, curation either becomes an unwieldy ad hoc program, pushes highly skilled personnel to perform repetitive tasks, or simply does not get done. In some circumstances, assistance is required to unstick your data.

Easy Process To Acquire Our Data Curation + Labeling Services


Consultation and Needs Analysis

Begin the process by arranging a consultation with our team. Share your data curation labeling requirements with us so that we can better understand your requirements.


Proposal for a Customized Solution

We will provide you with a tailored proposal outlining the scope of our data curation labeling services, including timelines and cost estimates, based on the assessment.


Onboarding and Agreement

Sign the agreement and begin the onboarding process to formalize the partnership. Our staff will assist you with the necessary paperwork and preparations.


Data Interpretation and Analysis

Investigate your data, its nuances, and the specific labeling criteria. This step ensures precise and accurate curation that is tailored to your goals.


Development of a Curation Framework

Create a solid framework for data curation labeling that incorporates industry best practices as well as your specific requirements. This step lays the groundwork for high-quality results.


Implementation of the Labeling Process

Implement the labeling process, utilizing advanced tools and methodologies to ensure data annotation accuracy and consistency. To keep you informed, regular progress updates will be communicated.


Quality Control Procedures

Implement stringent quality control measures at each stage of the process to ensure the accuracy and dependability of the curated data. This includes extensive validation and verification procedures.


Iteration and feedback

Encourage an open feedback channel. Assess the labeled data regularly and collaborate with your team to make any necessary adjustments or iterations, ensuring the end result meets your expectations.


Final Data Distribution

We will deliver the finalized, labeled data to you in the agreed-upon format once the curation labeling process is completed. This includes extensive documentation for your convenience.


After-Sales Service

Provide ongoing assistance with any post-delivery questions or adjustments. Our dedication goes beyond delivery to ensure your satisfaction with the curated and labeled data.

Choosing a data curation team

Data curation necessitates the correct resources, in the right timescale, and on the right budget - all of which necessitate competence.

Scalability - Data curation is, by definition, a large-scale undertaking. A data partner must have the resources, technology, and, most importantly, experience to successfully increase operations.

Global Reach - Many tasks necessitate the use of global datasets and viewpoints. We reach hundreds of thousands of resources across 200+ markets using our own OneForma platform.

Technology - Data curation cannot function properly without the support of technology, whether it is resource management, data analytics, machine translation, or QA delivery. We have everything.

Optimize Your Data with Us

we specialize in data curation to help businesses harness the full potential of their information. Dive into our data curation services and see how we can optimize your data.


Our Data Curation Approach

We use a collaborative approach, discovering your genuine needs and harnessing the resources and skills necessary to meet them.

  • Defining Requirements

    Asking the right questions upfront

    We collaborate with your team to think strategically. What are our objectives? Do we require subject-matter specialists or members of a specific audience or culture? We begin by ensuring that we are addressing the correct problems.

  • Data Curation

    Gathering high-quality material

    Recruiting a team of resources, we establish clear, repeatable standards and dispatch our team to collect the data you require, whether in the form of photographs, text, or voice.

  • Data Labeling

    Enriching the data

    Accurate labelling charts not only attributes, but also relationships, guaranteeing that users and AI models alike can see linked products and content. Our wide bench of talent discovers data features at whatever degree of expertise required.

  • Validation and QA

    Building trust in the product

    The importance of accuracy and relevancy cannot be overstated. We draw on a pool of hundreds of thousands of resources through our OneForma platform to scrutinize your data and hold it to the highest of standards.

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