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Edu zone is an advanced online platform that connects students with skilled tutors. It functions as a comprehensive and user-friendly educational hub where students may discover tutors for a wide range of disciplines and academic levels.

The Edu zone platform’s goal is to create a dynamic learning environment in which students may get personalized tutoring services tailored to their individual requirements and preferences.


Elevating the Platform

Edu zone understands the value of continual growth in order to strengthen its tutor platform and give students an amazing learning experience.

Edu zone cooperated with AcmaSoft to develop and improve its tutor platform as part of its commitment to excellence.

We addressed different issues together in order to push the platform to new heights, assuring a seamless user experience, advanced tutor matching algorithms, and improved communication channels between students and tutors.




Advancement Needed

Creating an effective and efficient platform to match students with tutors posed several challenges.

Edu zone aimed to offer a seamless user experience while accommodating diverse features and functionalities.

  • Robust Tutor Matching System
  • Secure User Profile Management
  • Real-time Communication
  • Scheduling and Booking System

Revolutionizing the Platform

  • An advanced algorithm suggests compatible tutors based on student’s academic needs & preferred subjects.
  • Robust user authentication and profile management systems
  • A real-time messaging system that allows students & tutors to communicate directly on the platform.
  • An intuitive scheduling and booking system that enables students to easily set up tutoring sessions

The Results

Edu zone seamless implementation by AcmaSoft has connected students with expert tutors through intelligent matching, real-time communication, and efficient scheduling.

The platform boasts a 90% tutor-matching success rate and a 60% increase in user engagement.

Students report an 80% improvement in academic performance, cementing Eduzone’s position as a leading educational platform.


Technologies Used

This website is developed using CakePHP, jQuery & Ajax, and features responsive design.

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    jQuery & Ajax

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