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Consumer Electronics

Gadgets & Toys, a leading online store catering to gadget enthusiasts and toy lovers, faced a similar challenge with an outdated eCommerce platform that hindered their ability to showcase their vast product range effectively.

Moreover, they needed a more versatile solution to adapt to changing customer demands and successfully promote new product launches. To overcome these obstacles, Gadgets & Toys partnered with us, and together, we crafted the following solution:



Recognizing the need for a custom user experience and enhanced tools, we seamlessly upgraded Gadgets & Toys to provide them with a powerful and flexible platform that could accommodate their specialty product line and vast color range.

Furthermore, we designed a completely custom theme that perfectly captured their desired look and feel while allowing critical customization options for their business.



As part of their commitment to customer safety, Gadgets & Toys recently introduced a new line of high-tech Internet of Things (IoT) products.

To swiftly launch this innovative product line, we collaborated closely to get it online quickly, prominently featuring it on their home page to boost visibility.

We also integrated a “Give Back with IoT” functionality, enabling customers to contribute to a noble cause.


Improved Interface

By developing a custom Magento theme, Gadgets & Toys achieved a tailor-made appearance for their eCommerce website.

Our team at AcmaSoft meticulously blended design aesthetics with seamless functionality, offering customers an engaging and delightful shopping experience.

We were delighted to build two custom solutions to meet their specific requirements and optimize their operations.


The transformation of Gadgets & Toys’ eCommerce platform, enabled by AcmaSoft’s expertise and innovative solutions, showcases how embracing modern technology can revolutionize an online business.

Through automation, integration, and an improved interface, Gadgets & Toys now stands at the forefront of the industry, providing gadget enthusiasts and toy lovers with an unmatched shopping experience.


Technologies Used

This sophisticated website is meticulously crafted with HTML, CSS, Ajax, CakePHP, PHP, jQuery & Ajax, MySQL, responsive design, and WooCommerce, ensuring a seamless retail journey.

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    jQuery & Ajax

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