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Real Estate

Global Housing Investments is a leading real estate agency specializing in providing homeowners with a seamless platform to sell their properties quickly, easily, and for the highest possible price.

With a global reach and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Global Housing Investments sought to enhance their digital presence to better connect with their target audience.


Goals & Objectives

Global Housing Investments aimed to create a user-friendly and informative platform that would not only showcase their services but also instill confidence in potential sellers.

They wanted a website that would effectively communicate their unique value proposition and drive more inquiries and conversions.


Challenges Faced

  • Limited Digital Visibility: The client’s previous website lacked modern design and functionality, hindering their ability to stand out in a competition.
  • User Engagement: The existing website struggled to engage visitors effectively, leading to a high bounce rate and a low conversion rate.
  • Information Accessibility: Vital information about the selling process, benefits & success stories was scattered across the website, making it difficult to access & understand.

Solution Provided

AcmaSoft approached the challenge with a comprehensive strategy to revamp Global Housing Investments’ online presence and create a dynamic platform that aligned with their business goals.

  • Strategic User-Centric Design
  • Content Reorganization
  • Engaging Visuals
  • Lead Generation Integration
  • Mobile Optimization

Results Achieved

The collaborative efforts between Global Housing Investments and AcmaSoft led to significant improvements and outcomes:

1. Enhanced User Experience: The new website’s intuitive design and improved navigation resulted in increased user engagement, longer session durations, and reduced bounce rates.

2. Increased Conversions: Strategic placement of lead generation forms led to a notable boost in inquiries, translating into increased potential clients and revenue.

3. Improved Brand Perception: The modern and professional website design bolstered Global Housing Investments’ credibility and positioned them as a trusted real estate partner.

4. Positive User Feedback: Users appreciated the ease of accessing information, leading to positive feedback about the website’s user-friendliness and informative content.


Technologies Used

This website, meticulously developed with HTML, CSS, PHP, CakePHP, jQuery & Ajax, Woocommerce, and WordPress, guarantees a seamless and responsive user experience.

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    jQuery & Ajax

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