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Oak Frames Direct is a leading provider of premium timber frames based in the UK. With a commitment to crafting exquisite oak frames, they serve clients across diverse regions, offering tailored solutions that blend timeless craftsmanship with modern design.

Oak Frames Direct sought to establish themselves as the go-to choice for high-quality oak frames throughout the UK. Their objectives included:

  • Expanding their customer base by increasing brand visibility.
  • Simplifying the timber frame procurement process for clients.
  • Overcoming geographical barriers to provide nationwide coverage.

Challenges Faced

The company encountered several challenges in its pursuit of becoming a premier timber frame supplier:

Geographic Reach: The UK’s diverse regions posed challenges in reaching customers effectively and efficiently.

Customer Engagement: Engaging potential clients and providing comprehensive product information was complex due to the specialized nature of oak frames.

Digital Presence: A lack of a robust online platform hindered their ability to showcase their craftsmanship and connect with potential customers.


Our Solution

We collaborated closely with Oak Frames Direct to develop a multifaceted solution that addressed their challenges and aligned with their objectives:

  • Strategic Website Development
  • Geographically Targeted SEO
  • Engaging Content
  • Streamlined Inquiry Process

Implementation & Execution

Collaboration between our team and Oak Frames Direct resulted in the seamless execution of the solution:

  • Website developed and launched, showcasing a gallery of projects and detailed product info.
  • Integrated geo-targeted keywords, boosting search visibility.
  • Regular engaging posts established Oak Frames Direct as industry authority, educating customers effectively.

Results Achieved

The partnership with Oak Frames Direct yielded exceptional outcomes:

Increased Website Traffic: The strategically optimized website attracted a significant increase in organic traffic, with visitors exploring various product offerings.

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Oak Frames Direct gained prominence in SERP, becoming a recognized name in the timber frame industry throughout the UK.

Improved Engagement: The streamlined inquiry process led to a surge in customer inquiries & engagement, transforming potential leads into active prospects.

Positive Client Feedback: Customers lauded the website’s design, functionality, and informative content, contributing to a positive brand perception.


Technologies Used

This website is crafted with HTML, CSS, CorelDraw, jQuery & AJAX, MYSQL, PHP, and features responsive design.

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    jQuery & Ajax

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