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Chrysalis is a caring Montessori school located close to the center of Perth and one of our pre school website development portfolio. At Chrysalis, children are embraced into a supportive community that is dedicated to providing an exceptional academic, mental, emotional, and physical learning environment.

The educational approach at Chrysalis fosters a lifelong passion for learning in children by embracing their natural development. Through the Montessori program, children gain confidence, responsibility, and independence, trusting in their own capabilities. The inclusive and positive social environment further strengthens their commitment to continuous learning and acquiring knowledge.


The Challenge

Despite Chrysalis Montessori’s commitment to quality education, they faced challenges in effectively reaching out to potential parents and showcasing their unique approach.

The existing communication channels did not adequately reflect the school’s ethos and philosophy, leading to difficulties in attracting and engaging with prospective families.


The Approach

Recognizing the need for an enhanced online presence, Chrysalis Montessori sought a solution that would effectively communicate its values and offerings.

They aimed to create a digital platform that would capture the essence of their educational approach, inspiring and resonating with parents seeking an enriching learning environment for their children.


The Solution

To address Chrysalis Montessori’s challenges, AcmaSoft stepped in with a dedicated approach. Understanding the school’s vision and goals, AcmaSoft crafted a brand-new website that beautifully portrayed Chrysalis’s ethos.

The website design was meticulously tailored to showcase the nurturing atmosphere and educational philosophy, providing a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

The results

Chrysalis Montessori experienced a remarkable transformation in their digital presence. The school now flourishes in the digital landscape, attracting more families who resonate with their educational approach. The website’s easy navigation and informative content allow prospective parents to readily access essential information about the school, programs, and facilities.

As a result, Chrysalis Montessori has seen a significant increase in interest from families seeking a quality education for their children. The impact extends beyond the website, empowering young learners with the tools they need to grow into confident, responsible, and independent individuals, fostering a strong attachment to learning and knowledge throughout their educational journey.


Technologies Used

Discover this contemporary website, meticulously designed with HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, Responsive design, jQuery & Ajax, MySQL, and WooCommerce, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience.

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    jQuery & Ajax

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