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Repair Care is an online platform committed to providing complete home and appliance repair solutions.

Repair Care wants to develop its website into an interactive and user-friendly platform that effortlessly connects users with repair specialists as a hub for repair enthusiasts and service providers.

The aim was to design a dynamic website with a variety of capabilities while assuring optimal user experience and engagement.




Services Performed

Web Redesign and Development: To create a visually appealing, efficient, and highly functional website.

Frontend Enhancement using React: To improve the website’s performance & contributed to a more engaging and responsive user experience.

Streamlined UI & UX Design: To reduce friction, enhance user satisfaction, and encourage prolonged engagement.



The intricacy of building a user-friendly interface, combining numerous capabilities, and ensuring smooth navigation offered a formidable challenge.

  • Dynamic display of repair service listings
  • Efficient search and filtering options
  • Real-time appointment scheduling and tracking
  • Secure payment gateway integration
  • Mobile-responsive design for on-the-go accessibility




Recognising Repair Care’s multifaceted needs, AcmaSoft designed a thorough strategy to redesign the website. AcmaSoft created solutions that smoothly integrated numerous elements, improving user experience and overall functionality by leveraging modern technologies and design principles.


The collaboration between Repair Care and AcmaSoft yielded impressive results:

Enhanced User Engagement: The intuitive design and user-friendly interface led to increased user engagement and longer session durations.

Improved Conversion Rates: Streamlined navigation and real-time scheduling contributed to higher conversion rates, translating user interest into confirmed repair appointments.

Increased Efficiency: Repair professionals benefited from the organized system, enabling them to manage appointments and communication effectively.

Positive Feedback: Users lauded the new design for its ease of use and efficiency in connecting them with repair services.


Technologies Used

This website is expertly developed with HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, and the dynamic capabilities of jQuery & Ajax, powered by MySQL, WooCommerce, and responsive design.

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    jQuery & Ajax

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