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Zooba, a leading online toy store catering to kids, faced challenges in driving traffic, increasing engagement, and boosting conversions.

Recognizing the need for a highly effective website, Zooba partnered with AcmaSoft, a renowned web development company.

This case study explores how AcmaSoft’s expertise and strategic approach significantly contributed to growth and success.


Understanding Business Needs

AcmaSoft initiated the project by conducting in-depth consultations with management to understand their unique business needs, aspirations, and pain points.

They recognized the importance of creating an immersive online experience to resonate with their target audience – kids and their parents.

Zooba’s primary goals were to enhance brand visibility, increase user engagement, and drive conversions through its website.


Identifying the Target Audience

AcmaSoft conducted thorough market research and user surveys to identify the preferences and behaviors of  target audience.

Understanding that the website needed to be child-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to navigate for kids and parents alike, they tailored the design accordingly.


Website Design and Features

AcmaSoft created a playful, mobile-responsive website for Zooba, featuring intuitive product categorization, interactive pages, and personalized recommendations.

A smooth checkout process, customer reviews, and a parenting tips blog contributed to increased engagement, trust, and revenue.

The Results

AcmaSoft’s strategic website design and development resulted in tangible improvements for Zooba:

1. Search Engine Rankings: Zooba’s website witnessed a significant boost in search engine rankings, leading to higher organic traffic.

2. Increased Conversion Rates: The improved user experience and optimized checkout process led to a notable increase in conversion rates.

3. Enhanced User Engagement: The interactive elements and personalized recommendations kept visitors engaged, resulting in a longer average session duration.

4. Revenue Growth: The combination of increased traffic, improved conversions, and enhanced user engagement directly impacted Zooba’s revenue, leading to a substantial increase in profits.


Technologies Used

Exquisitely designed with HTML, CSS, PHP, and the dynamic synergy of jQuery & Ajax, complemented by MySQL, WooCommerce, and responsive features.

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    jQuery & Ajax

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